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2021 - 2023 (in progress)

“Um animal nunca substitui uma coisa pela outra”

Clarice Lispector*

This morning, when I took my bike to go to work my attention stopped on a detail: there was a subtle web between my bike and the next bike, when I looked closely I saw a small spider weaving at full speed, very concentrated in its complex weave, multiplying its strokes making the web more sophisticated without destroying its simplicity, it was a jewel...


I had to take the bicycle, I suddenly became aware of the destruction it would bring, I thought absurd things like “but how does it weave a web between two bicycles that we use every day”, as if the spider was calculating by counting on my existence and my opaque intentions.

I took a stick and passed it vertically trying to remove the spider’s web with the cynical hope of not hurting the spider (who knows how much that destruction hurt it), I thought “where is it?” and I was happy to think that it had been left there in a damp corner full of leaves that for my limited human perception seemed a good place for a spider.


Then I saw it, my spider web, I saw myself going to work because that is what a person does, I saw my bicycle, the cars, my obligations, intentions and dreams, the buildings, the magazines and books, everything that has been written, what we have discovered, the spaceships, the whole civilisation, the whole humanity as a tiny spider web that can disappear at any moment, when “another” destroys it all with a “stick” and a cynical hope of not ending us, obviously we will never know why.

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