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Für Immer (For Ever)

Ice-block, Ring, Photo, Print, Pedestal and Drain, 2018


Alice: How long is for ever?

White Rabit: Sometimes just a second.

Alice perhaps waits for an encompassing response, a temporary unity against the eternal, the white rabbit for its part, knots the immense with the instant, with the other unfathomable: the event.


"Für immer" is about time as duration and the paradoxical existence of the promise on eternity. The ring as a symbol of the eternal and indestructible is released from the Ice-block in a course that, although it describes a duration, in turn questions the firmness of the block(hard as a rock), that reveals no longer its simple nature but something bigger: the circumstances (?)


The promise implicit in Für immer is broken in the metaphorical game of the ring and the block of ice melting slowly.

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