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I understand painting as a process of enquiry into personal unconscious plots, in this process family tensions, existential confrontations and their relationship with the environment emerge. The material friction of this process with its elements of expression results in painting as a work of art.


The themes I have been developing are related to the family constellation but also to the cultural setting in which I am immersed. Contrasts, frustrations, desires, and dreams appear as a way of modelling the experience of life. Likewise, in a time of collapse of models, utopia, and new ways of constructing kinship appear as ways of the unimagined possible.

Architect Universidad de Chile, 2003.

Master Visual Antropology, UAHC 2016.

Film Direction and Production, Bologna, Italy 2006.

Born 1978 in Santiago, Chile

Based in Berlin





2022      "Home", Blue Goat Gallery, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.

2022      Open Studio Artberlin, Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin.

2021      Auction and Group Exhibition, Monopol and Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin.


2021     “Zoom“, Performance & Instalation with Reflektor Neukölln for 48Stunde Neukölln in colaboration               with 48hours Nobosibirk, Berlin.


2020     “The Power to sleep”, Performance, Reflektor-Neukölln, Berlin.

2020     “Das Mahl der Verdrängten”, Performance with Reflektor-Neukölln Kollektiv, Gängeviertel, Hamburg.

2020     “Das Zimmer“, Performance & Instalation with Reflektor Neukölln, Berlin

2019     “Verbindung”, Group Exhibition, Reflektor-Neukölln,  Berlin.

2019     “Das Mahl der Verdrängten”, Performance with Reflektor-Neukölln Kollektiv, Berlin.

2019     “Chilean Conexión”, Group Exhibition, Glogaur Air, Berlin.


2019     “Heimat”, Solo Exhibition, Casa Y, Santiago.

2019     “Mamihlapinatapai”, Duo Exhibition, Reflektor-Neukölln, Berlin.

2018     “Wasser”, Solo Exhibition, Sari Sari, Berlin.

2018     “Die Kraft zu schlafen”, Performance, Kronenboden, Berlin.

2018     “Für Immer”, Installation part of the Group Exhibition "Zeit" , Reflektor-Neukölln, Berlin.

2017     “The Power to Sleep”, Performance and Solo Exhibition, Tâte, Berlin.


2015     “Reflecta”, Group Exhibition, Galeria Opps, Santiago.


2014     “Art Weekend”, Group Exhibition, Galeria Opps, Santiago.


2014     “40 emociones, 40 ideales”, Group Exhibition, Galería Conejo, Santiago.


2013     “The Myth of the Bird”, Sound Installation part of the Group Exhibition “5 Propuestas para un

          Hall”, Centro Cultural de Recoleta, Santiago.

2006     “Dibujos anatómicos”, Circulo Arci Bolognesi, Ferrara, Italia.


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