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Family plot

2021 - 2023 (in progress)


I am deeply fascinated by the everyday, but there is something disturbing about it: a suspicious event is presented to us without solemnity, apparently unimportant, something uncertain is offered under the promise of the real.

I am interested in the Real with a capital R, that which, according to Lacan, transcends the symbol or any translation. The real is ungraspable, experienceable? Perhaps, but a painting can only suggest, it can be the peephole, it cannot replace what it shows, it is something else.

Then the experience and the need for a work of art to have a point of view leads me to question the role of the viewer. I want to capture the "in-between" that occurs between the observer and the observed: a person in motion and another person taking a photograph; who is observing? It is as if the observer (us) is always late to the scene, but what is the scene?

The scene is what is happening. But it has two faces: the staged appearance (rhetoric) and the secret scene, the place of restlessness, the invitation to the impossible real.

My painting is about the search for the encounter with the other.

But seeing the other does not seem to be enough, because seeing him means noticing his absence. I look for him again in the secret intimacy that belongs to us. I try to surprise him in his pure state, like a surprised animal gathering food for its young, like an involuntary glance in the mirror that startles me and asks me back:

Who are you?

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