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Drilled Wood board, Wood sticks, 2020

It is a designed object, a pencil holder that is born from reflection on order, classification, geometry, practicality and its undesired opposite.

Two plates with a grid of 5 x 5 holes aligned and separated by "pillars" form a cubic volume. This duplicated grid leaves 19 holes (out of a total of 25) free, the remaining 6 holes are occupied by the pillars that distance the two plates.

In their original presentation the pencils that occupy the holes coincide in height completing an ideal volumetric composition, however, due to their use the pencils will be consumed, shortening and no longer being able to pass through the two plates, the initial volumetric order is in crisis, the difference and repetition of the objects give an account of the dynamic character of the object in contrast to the ideal of the geometric fetish.

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